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About us

The Consorzio Turistico Abetone and Montagna Pistoiese has as its mission the synergy and coordination of the consortium partners, the promotion of tourism for the areas in which they operate the Consortium, the implementation from the point of view of quality and professional local tourist offer.
The Consorzio Turistico Città Abetone and Montagna Pistoieseaims specifically to increase the tourists in hotels and in other accommodation facilities Associates through any form of promotion created, either by actions of commercialization of tourist packages, either through agreements with bodies and institutions as well, where appropriate, ancillary and collateral as guarantee funds. The Consortium takes part in handbags and national and international fairs of turism, organizes promotional events and missions and educational tours aimed at tour operators and journalists.

Consorzio Turistico Abetone and Montagna Pistoiese

at Confcommercio Pistoia
Viale Adua, 128
51100 Pistoia

Tel.: +39 0573 991502

Mob.: +39 3245698520


Business Hours:
8:30-12:30 / 14:15-17:00


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